The Lazy DM's Companion: Guidelines and Inspirational Generators for D&D

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The Lazy DM's Companion is a 64 page book of guidelines and inspirational generators to help you build, prepare, and run awesome D&D games. Sitting alongside Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master and The Lazy DM's Workbook, the Lazy DM's Companion streamlines play and fires off your imagination to build awesome and unique worlds for you and your players to explore.

Check out the 17-page free sample to see what this new book looks like!

Each page of this 64-page book offers useful guidelines, an adventure or campaign generator, or a versatile map within which to build your own adventures. These include:

Lazy DM Guidelines

5e Tools

Campaign Tools

Adventure Inspiration

Let's Make an Adventure Videos

During the Kickstarter for this campaign I shot two "Let's Make an Adventure" videos in which we used pages from the book to build a single-session adventure. Watch the book in action here!

Example Pages

Here are a few example pages you can find in the Lazy DM's Companion. Check out the full 17-page preview pages for a bunch of tools you can use right now!

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The Lazy DM's Companion includes a number of maps drawn by Daniel Walthall built for the same kind of versatility, including overland maps, castle ruins, dungeons, and caverns. Each map is intended to serve multiple themes in multiple ways, working hand-in-hand with the adventure generators included in The Lazy DM's Companion. Check out the example map at the end of the Lazy DM's Companion sample PDF.

Links and References

The following links reach all of the websites, videos, and articles referenced in the book The Lazy DM's Companion. Links will be updated as sites change or go down.