The Lazy DM's Workbook

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"SlyFlourish's Lazy DM's Workbook is genuinely fantastic. I'm not exaggerating when I say this might be one of the most useful 5e books ever. Mike has a solid grasp of what's useful & what's fluff; he provides the utility, you add the fluff. SO GOOD."

- Jose Kercado

The Lazy DM's Workbook is a quick reference book containing tools, tables, guidelines, random generators, maps, and worksheets to help you prepare, improvise, and run great fifth edition fantasy roleplaying games. It goes hand-in-hand with the ideas in Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master and is useful right at the table.

This book includes the following:

Along with the references and random generators, The Lazy DM's Workbook contains ten lazy lairs: full-color maps and quick descriptions of locations common to most fantasy roleplaying games. When the characters take a game session in a direction you didn't expect, you can use any of these lairs with minimal prep time, running it straight out of the book. The PDF and Map Pack version of this book includes all ten maps formatted for virtual tabletop support.

Think of The Lazy DM's Workbook as an extended Gamemaster screen. This workbook gives you a toolbox you can carry with you and keep on hand as you prepare and run your games. It's specifically designed to help you quickly plan a session and let you improvise a detailed and rich gameā€”one that can surprise both your players and you.

Built with the support of over 6,700 backers on Kickstarter, The Lazy DM's Workbook includes art by Pedro Potier and Jack Kaiser; editing and development by Scott Fitzgerald Gray Aaron Gray; design by Erik Nowak; and cartography by Daniel Walthall, Elven Tower, and Miska Fredman.

The Lazy DM's Workbook is an indispensable reference, designed to be kept at your side as tales of high adventure unfold at your gaming table.

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