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Looking at the History of D&D with DM David

by Mike on 8 May 2017

Last month I had the privilege of talking to David Hartlage of the DM David website and Twitter account. Around the time that D&D Next came out, David started writing wonderful and deep-thinking articles about this hobby of ours. I've had the chance to meet David at a couple of gaming conventions and asked him to come on the DM Deep Dive to talk about his deep look into the various versions of D&D.

During this episode we look at each of the editions since the original 1978 Basic D&D and how the feelings of the game have changed from version to version. We also look at the role the community has had over the years in enriching D&D, whether the owner of the property liked it or not.

It was a wonderful conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can watch the Youtube video of the show below or listen and subscribe to the podcast.

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