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Focus Extra Prep Time on the Characters

by Mike on 30 October 2023

Whenever we're looking at our game prep, it's useful to consider what's valuable and what isn't valuable for the fun of the game. What matters? There's not a perfect answer — each of us chooses what matters the most for us and our group — but there are common areas we can focus on.

Almost everything we do to tie the characters to the world, the story, and the game provides tremendous value in our prep. As much as we might enjoy pondering the 7,000 year history of our city or hunting for the perfect battle map, it's important to find new ways to tie the characters to the story and draw our players deeper into the game we love.

Maybe you're done with your prep (as much as we're ever done.) Maybe you still feel some anxiety about it and have some time. Where do you spend that time?

On the characters.

Here are ten things you can do during or after your prep to better tie the characters into the game.

Whether you're having trouble digging into your prep for your next session or you're done with your prep but want to dive in a little more, think about what character-focused ideas you can drop into your next game.

Every moment spent thinking about the characters and their connections to the world, the story, and the next session provides great dividends for you and your players.

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