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Twenty Things to Do Instead of Checking Social Media

by Mike on 6 March 2023

  1. Read a sourcebook, campaign book, or world book.
  2. Read some third-party campaign books.
  3. Think about what your villains are doing right now.
  4. Watch a movie or show with great characters and fantastic locations.
  5. Read a fun fantasy novel.
  6. Listen to an audiobook and practice your voices.
  7. Call a friend and chat about their game.
  8. Fill your campaign's geography with little-known dungeons and lairs.
  9. Come up with three fun sidequests.
  10. Read a monster book seeking fun lairs and encounters.
  11. Read the descriptions of the characters' race, class, and background.
  12. Write down a personalized quest for each character.
  13. Find evocative art for your campaign.
  14. Share an experience from your last game with fellow DMs.
  15. Update your campaign journal.
  16. Write down a character-focused summary of your previous game to deliver at the beginning of your next one.
  17. Make a cool handout.
  18. Write and email short flash fiction to your players showing the movement of the world.
  19. Find music to build a great soundtrack for your game.
  20. Flesh out the details of NPCs the characters know and love.

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