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Video Collaboration with Johnn Four

by Mike on 24 May 2021

Johnn Four from Roleplaying Tips and I partnered up to do a series of four YouTube videos to help GMs run awesome RPGs! You can get the first video on "Situations and the Five Room Dungeon", no strings attached, at the following URL:

You can get the next video in the series on the topic of "RPG Map Designs" by signing up on the following page:

This subscribes you to both my weekly newsletter and Johnn Four's weekly newsletter. Don't worry if you've already subscribed to one or both, you will still get the video and won't be subscribed twice.

The third video in the series is on "Running Heists and Capers" and is available to patrons of Sly Flourish's Patreon page which you can find here:

And the four video on "Running Mysteries" is available to patrons of Johnn Four's Patreon which you can find at:

Johnn and I hope you love these videos as much as we loved putting them together! Thanks for checking them out!

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