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Announcing The Lazy Dungeon Master

by Mike on 3 December 2012

Lazy Dungeon Master Cover banner

On 1 December 2012, I released my latest Dungeons and Dragons advice book, The Lazy Dungeon Master.

This book brings together the experiences of many dungeon masters who found that the less structured their game, the more fun people had playing it. The book's central premise is that you can spend less time preparing for a game and have a better game as a result. Unlike DM Tips and Running Epic D&D Games, this book works with any edition of D&D including original D&D, AD&D, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, Pathfinder, 4th edition, and the D&D Next playtest.

This book represents six months of work gathering material, interviewing DMs, running surveys, and putting the book together. These aren't just my ideas though. This book brings together experiences from hundreds of DMs around this single method for preparing our D&D games.

I want to give special thanks to Jimi Bonogofsky for the awesome cover. Every time I look at that fat undead dungeon master, I smile. I want to thank Erik Nowak for the fantastic internal design work. This was the first time I had a professional do the internal design and I think you guys will love what he did. I want to thank my friend Marilyn Kupetz for editing the book and Michael Mallen, Jeff Greiner, and James Grummell for reading early drafts of this book and giving me fantastic feedback.

Most of all, I thank my wife, Michelle, who spent countless hours listening to me pontificate about these ideas, tested them out at the gaming table, and supported me every moment as it turned into this final form.

I hope you guys will find The Lazy Dungeon Master useful and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I love this book and I hope you love it too.

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