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Random Mundane Magic Item Generator

by Mike on 14 April 2014

This page provides a randomly generated list of one hundred single-use mundane magical items for the fantasy roleplaying game of choice. You can reload this page or click the "reroll" link to generate a new list. The sourcecode for this script is available at Github and released under a Creative Commons license.

Random Mundane Magic Items (roll 1d100) - reroll

How To Use These Items

These items are intended to create single-use magical effects with a small, often humorous side-effect. Think of them like potions or scrolls. When activated the powers on these items work either only once or for about five minutes depending on the effect. The quirks also last about five minutes when the item is activated.

In order to ensure your group doesn't horde these items, you may want to make the quirks more severe if someone possesses more than three of them. There should be a clear incentive to use these items and not horde them.

The descriptions of these items are purposefully vague and include no mechanics. This lets GMs work with players to decide how they actually work and lets them work in just about any fantasy RPG of your choice. If you need further guidance on how these powers work, take a look at the d20 SRD spell descriptions that inspired many of these powers.

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