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Random Trap Generator

by Mike on 12 May 2014

This page randomly generates a list of 100 trap sets. Each trap set includes two traps with two elemental effects tied to a single trigger. Lazy DMs can use these traps as inspiration or roll 1d100 and choose one to throw into an encounter or make up an interesting scene in an otherwise bare room.

Random Traps (roll 1d100) - reroll

How To Use These Traps

The easiest way to use these traps is to roll 1d100 and pick the appropriate trap set from the list. You can change the flavor of the trap to whatever suits your game. Instead of rolling, you can review the list and use whatever inspires you to add something fun into your game. Because this list is randomly generated, many of the results might seem crazy. You can either ignore them or try to have some fun figuring out how that crazy trap combination would actually work.

Like random name generators or the random mundane magic item generator you should use these traps as inspiration to help you build some awesome detailed traps into your own game. Use it however it fits best into your game and however it makes your life easier as a GM. Roll 1d100 and improvise or scan the list to find one that makes sense for you.

Re-skin For Your System Of Choice

This list is intended to work with just about any fantasy RPG. You will want to figure out how best to wrap mechanics around these descriptions, usually as damage and potential effect. Games like 13th Age and D&D 4th Edition make it easy to wrap mechanics around traps like this. For games like Pathfinder, you'll likely want to wrap mechanics from either a spell or a monster around the result of the generator. In games like Fate including Dungeons of Fate, you can use these traps as aspects of a room and challenges to overcome.

Complicated Combined Traps

As you clearly noticed, these trap sets actually include two traps combined together. Single traps can often be boring or predictable and easy to overcome. Two traps together builds a more unique mix that's harder for players to get their heads around. You are free, of course, to simplify these traps by picking only one of the two traps rather than both. You can also remove the elemental effects on each trap if they don't make sense or don't fit the game.

Creative Commons License

This generator and its content are released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. You are free to use these however you wish, including for commercial purposes, as long as you attribute it to Sly Flourish (including the hyperlink) and share the results of your work under the same license.

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