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Running Infiltration and Heist Adventures

by Mike on 4 March 2024

This article is one in a series where we look at types of adventures and examine

These articles include:

Your own adventure types and how you run them may differ from mine. That's totally fine. There are many right ways to enjoy this game.

Robin Laws's book Adventure Crucible – Building Stronger Scenarios for any RPG inspired my thoughts on this topic.

Understanding Infiltration Adventures

In infiltration adventures, the characters often have significant information about their goal, the location in which they must accomplish the goal, and knowledge of the inhabitants of the location. Heists are a common form of infiltration adventure but many infiltrations involve doing something other than stealing something.

Infiltration adventures differ from dungeon crawls because the characters often know more about the location they're infiltrating and spend more time planning their approach. Goals for infiltration adventures can vary, even if how we prepare and run them remains mostly the same. These goals include:

Preparing Infiltration Adventures

Preparing infiltration adventures focuses on the following activities:

With that material in hand, we're ready to run our infiltration adventure.

Running Infiltration Adventures

Infiltration adventures often break down into the following phases:

Infiltration Adventure Pitfalls

Infiltration adventures might go wrong for the following reasons:

Pitfall Mitigation

What can we do to help ensure these pitfalls don't crud up our fun session?

A Framework for Countless Adventures

The infiltration style adventure is a popular and flexible model we can use for many different adventures. Change the goal, the location, and the situation and you have something fresh every time yet still have a consistent framework around which to build your adventure.

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