Sly Flourish's Vampires

by Mike Shea on 22 August 2016

Note, Sly Flourish's Vampires has been updated to include the Vampire Adventurers, three challenge 7 vampires transformed from their original state as adventurers who traveled into the master's lands.

Vampires make outstanding villains. These creatures of the night walk among us and yet are not us. Their intellect, moralities, wisdom, and villainy are beyond mortal comprehension. Vampires make fantastic 5e villains, yet we're limited with the vampires presented to us so far.

Thus, we give you Sly Flourish's Vampires. This document presents nine new vampires for your own 5e game, including the following:

With the support of the backers of Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations we were able to bring on the help of Chris Sims, a long-time designer, developer, and editor of Dungeons and Dragons, and one of the creators of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Chris had his hands in many of the monsters published in the Monster Manual and brought that experience to develop and tune these powerful minions of darkness.

Download Sly Flourish's Vampires

Due to the fantastic support many have given to Sly Flourish, we're releasing this product for free. All you have to do is download it. If you like it and want to give back, send $4 to this paypal account, pick up Fantastic Locations, or pick up the Lazy Dungeon Master if you haven't already.

Download Sly Flourish's Vampires and let these beings of darkness drain the light of hope out of the eyes of your heroes tonight.

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