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You Are Not Prepared

by Mike on 24 December 2012

Every Wednesday evening I have a small panic attack. It happens at the same time every week in the exact same place, on my way out of my office building to the parking garage at about 5pm. At that exact moment a shrieking banshee wails out the same words I heard the week before.

"You are not prepared!"

I've had this small anxiety ever since accepting the ways of the Lazy Dungeon Master. How can I possibly entertain six of my good friends for three hours when I only spent about fifteen minutes jotting down some bullets on a piece of paper?

When this anxiety hits, I have to instead listen to a calm soothing voice that asks me to analyze these feelings. Where are they coming from? What causes them? What am I really afraid of?

This voice reminds me that being prepared isn't about doing hard work or spending a lot of time. Being prepared means having the right things on hand to take the game in whatever direction the imaginations and decisions of my players take it. It means having a strong start. It means having some fantastic locations. It means having some secrets and clues and a great monster book.

I don't try to push away the feeling of anxiety that comes each Wednesday night before my game. It comes regardless of what I do. I don't worry about that anxiety, though. It's just part of the process. I know where it's coming from. I know what's causing it.

And I know it's bullshit.

D&D is about having some fun with my friends and family and I have what I need to help that fun night happen.

So do you.

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