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1d100 Eberron Factions

by Mike on 1 June 2020

Below is a list of 1d100 Eberron factions. Use these factions in combination with other random lists from the Dungeon Master's Guide or these generators for monuments, relics, items, locations, or any other useful random lists to generate Eberron-specific details you might never have otherwise considered. You can copy elements of the list below to build your own more specific random lists or download a PDF of these 1d100 Eberron factions and print it out for your own DM Kit.

d100FactionDescription (Symbol)
1AerenalAncient kingdom of the elves. (Golden skull with blue glowing eyes)
2ArawaiSovereign of Life and Love. (Sheaf of bound wheat)
3ArgonnessenContinent of the civilization of dragons.
4AundairNation of arcane might. (Feathers surrounding a griffin on blue)
5AureonSorverign of law and knowledge. (Open book)
6Avassh, the Twister of RootsDaelkyr of unnatural and deadly vegitation.
7BalinorSoverign of beasts and the hunt. (Green antlers)
8Belashyrra, Lord of EyesDaelkyr of all-seeing.
9Blood of VolFaith of immortality. (Fanged skull surrounding a drop of blood)
10BoldreiSoverign of community and home. (Fire in a stone hearth)
11Boromar ClanPowerful criminal organization of halflings.
12BrelandNation of pragmatism and independence. (Two gold dragons flanking a bear's roaring head)
13Clifftop Adventurer's Guild150 year old adventurer's guild.
14Cul'SirArcane titan of Xen'drik.
15Cult of the Dragon BelowFaith of madness. (Grotseque mass of tentacles)
16CyreFallen nation of wealth and royalty. (Crown over a bell on a green shield)
17DaaskMonsterous criminal guild loyal to Droaam.
18DaelkyrThe unfathomable evil of Khyber.
19DarguunLand of goblins.
20Demon WastesFormer seat of the archfiends and home of the Carrion Tribes.
21DhakaanFallen empire of the goblinoids. (Wheel of blades)
22Dol ArrahSoverign of sunlight. (Rising sun over a blue field)
23Dol DornSoverign of strength of arms. (Longsword crossed over a shield)
24Draconic ProphecyEver-evolving prophecy of the dragons.
25DragonbornChildren of Argonessen.
26Dreaming DarkAgency of the Dal Quor Quori to control the nations of the world.
27DroaamNation of monsters led by the Daughters of Sora Kell.
28Dyrrn, the Stealer of ThoughtsDaelkyr of corruption and the slithering lord.
29Eberron (dragon)Progenitor dragon of the world.
30Eldeen ReachesNation of farmland and vast untaimed forests.
31Finder's GuildLoose collection of independent inquisitive agencies tied to house Tharashk.
32GalifarFallen kingdom of Khorvaire. (Gold crown bearing five jewels on green field)
33Ghaal’dar tribesHobgoblin tribes rising from the remnants of the Dhakaani Empire.
34Heirs of DhakaanGoblinoid lineage back to Dhakaan.
35House CannithDragonmarked house of making and manufacturing. (Bull's head beneath a hammer and anvil)
36House DeneithDragonmarked house of sentinels, bodyguards, mercenaries. (The three heads of a chimera: lion, ram, and green dragon)
37House GhallandaDragonmarked house of hospitality. (Wolf's head with human eyes)
38House JorascoDragonmarked house of healing. (Noble griffin within a laruel wreath)
39House KundarakDragonmarked house of warding. (Yellow manticore wreathed in flame)
40House LyrandarDragonmarked house of storm. (Three writing tentacles wracked by lightning)
41House MedaniDragonmarked house of finding. (Basilisk atop a pile of treasure, surrounded by tentacled eyestalks)
42House OrienDragonmarked house of passage and transportation. (Silver unicorn with a golden horn)
43House PhiarlanDragonmarked house of entertainment and espionage. (Five headed hyrda beneath a oak leaf)
44House SivisDragonmarked house of scribing and communication. (Cockatrice beneath a candle)
45House TarkananHouse of aberrent dragonmarks. (Beholder over a red shield)
46House TharashkDragonmarked house of finding, hunting, investigation. (Golden dragon surrounded by thorns)
47House ThuranniDragonmarked house of entertainment and assassination. (Displacer beast with steel claws)
48House VadalisDragonmarked house of animal handling. (Hippogryph beneath an elm tree)
49KalashtarJoint people of humanity and spirits of dreams.
50KarrnathNation of hardship and military tradition. (A red wolf on black)
51KhoravarCulture of Khorvaire's half-elves.
52Khyber (dragon below)Progenitor dragon, slayer of Siberys. (Black dragon skull formed of tentacles)
53Khyber (place)Underworld demiplanes.
54King's Dark LanternsSpies and assassins of Breland.
55Kol KorranSoverign of trade and travel. (Nine-sided gold coin)
56Kyrzin, the Prince of SlimeDaelkyr of gibbering beasts and sentient slimes.
57Lord of BladesWarlord establishing independence for Warforged and slaughter for the rest. (Bladed gauntlet)
58Lords of DustFiends born in the beginning of time with a dream of restoring their primordial dominion. (Fanged crown atop a skull crumbling to dust)
59MarguulInfamous bugbear raiders of the Seawall Mountains.
60Morgrave UniversitySharn university of lore and wisdom.
61Mror HoldsLoose confederation of dwarven clans.
62OlladraSoverign of good fortune. (Domino)
63OnatarSoverign of artifice and the forge. (Crossed hammer and tongs)
64Order of the Emerald ClawNecromatic warriors and spies cast out from Karrnath in service to Lady Illmarrow. (green flame-styled claw)
65Orlassk, the Master of StoneDaelkyr of petrifying beasts.
66Prince OargevLeader of New Cyre. (Crown over a bell on a green shield)
67Q'barraUntaimed nation of danger and opportunity.
68Redcloak BatallionElite unit of Brelish warriors. (Two gold dragons flanking a bear's roaring head)
69SarlonaContinent of the Inspired; spirits and psionists. (Crystal on a yellow oval)
70Shadow MarchesDesolate land of swamps and moores, homeland of the orcs.
71ShiftersThe weretouched.
72SiberysProgenitor dragon, killed by Khyber, ring of shards surrounding Eberron.
73Sora KellFounding hag leader of the Droaam.
74Sulatar DrowShapers of the elements dating back to the Age of Giants.
75Tairnadal ElvesElves dedicated to the art of war. (Cross glaives over a red arrowhead)
76Talentra PlainsSpiritual plains of halflings and dinosaurs.
77The AurumExclusive society of the rich and influential. (Crown surrounded by a linked chain on gold)
78The DevourerDark six diety of nature's wrath. (Bundle of five sharpened bones)
79The FuryDark six diety of passion and revenge. (Winged wyrm with woman’s head and upper body)
80The GatekeepersDruidic orcs protecting Eberron from aberrations.
81The KeeperDark six diety of death and greed. (Dragonshard stone in the shape of a fang)
82The MockeryDark six diety of betrayal and bloodshed. (Five blood-spattered tools)
83The OverlordsRuling fiends of Eberron in the first days of the world bound by the Silver Flame.
84The Path of LightFaith of light and self-improvement. (Cracked white crystal)
85The ShadowDark six diety of ambition and dark magic. (Obsidian tower)
86The Silver FlameFaith of good and protection. (Flame on a silver arrowhead)
87The Spirits of the PastSpiritual anchors of the greatest champions of the Tairnadal elves.
88The TravelerDark six diety of change and chaos. (Four crossed, rune-inscribed bones)
89The TyrantsCriminal organization of grifters and con-artists.
90The Undying CourtFaith of elven ancestors. (Golden death mask with sapphire eyes)
91ThelanisPlane of the faerie court.
92ThraneNation of faith in the silver flame. (Flame on a silver arrowhead)
93Umbragen DrowDeepdelving magefueled drow who battle the daelkyr.
94Valaara, the Crawling QueenDaelkyr of insects and arachnids.
95ValenarElven nation steeped in the art of war. (Cross glaives over a red arrowhead)
96Vulkoori DrowGiant hunters of the scorpion god Vulkoor.
97WarforgedRace of constructs. (Mechanical hand clutching a smith's hammer)
98WynarnRoyal bloodline of the Galafar empire.
99Xen'drikJungle continent of the fallen arcane giants.
100XoriatThe realm of madness. (Fleshy ball of gnashing, monstrous teeth)

The Creative Advantage of Random Lists

Random lists help push our creative minds in new and interesting directions. Chapter 3, 5, and Appendix A of the Dungeon Master's Guide are packed with awesome tables to shake you out of your rut and think up some wild ideas for your D&D adventures. The Lazy DM's Workbook is also full of random lists for this reason and products Waterdeep: City Enounters showcase their value as well. Random lists and a creative brain together are a D&D superweapon. We don't use random lists on their own, we use these lists to push our brains out of a groove and explore ideas we never before considered.

As we run a campaign in a particular world, it helps bring the players into the world when we wrap pieces of our adventures in lore so our players can learn about the world as they explore it.

Random tables from the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Lazy DM's Workbook don't have any particular world's flavor or lore to them. We have to add that. If, however, we're playing in a world like Ebrron, we can use a list like the one above so we can combine our other random tables with world-specific lore.

Use this list along with your other random lists to make the world come alive.

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