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1d100 Forgotten Realms Factions

by Mike on 27 July 2020

In previous articles on Sly Flourish I wrote about the value of randomness in our D&D games and offered random tables to help inspire your own adventures such as those in the Lazy DM's Workbook, Random Lists for Adventure Inspiration, and 1d100 Eberron Factions. This last one is intended to fuel other random tables you find either in the links above or in the Dungeon Master's Guide. With a 1d100 faction table you can tie in-world lore to the objects and locations directly in front of the characters. Each object in the world can teach them a little bit of lore or tie together major world plotlines one dirt-covered coin at a time.

Today we have 1d100 factions for the Forgotten Realms. The Forgotten Realms is vast. There's probably more like 1,000 factions. This list, however, covers much of what you'd find in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, this edition's slimmed down sourcebook for the Forgotten Realms.

Like other 1d100 tables, you can use the items on this list to build your own more refined list that fits the campaign you're telling and what information helps push that campaign forward. A Tyranny of Dragons campaign may benefit from a refined 1d20 list that includes more factions focused on and around that campaign. As the characters dig around they find clues that point to other elements tangential to the campaign.

Each faction includes a symbol that the characters might find while uncovering the secret and clue about this faction.

Without further ado, here are 1d100 Forgotten Realms factions. You can also download a PDF of 1d100 Forgotten Realms factions to add to your DM kit.

1d100FactionDescription (Symbol)
1AkadiGoddess of air. (Cloud)
2AmaunatorGod of the sun. (Golden sun)
3AsmodeusGod of indulgence. (Three inverted triangles arranged in a long triangle)
4AurilGoddess of winter. (Six-pointed snowflake)
5AzuthGod of wizardry. (Left hand pointing upward, outlined in fire)
6BaneGod of tyranny. (Upright black hand, thumb and fingers together)
7BeshabaGoddess of misfortune. (Black antlers)
8BhaalGod of murder. (Skull surrounded by ring of bloody droplets)
9ChaunteaGoddess of agriculture. (Sheaf of grain or a blooming rose over grain)
10CyricGod of lies. (White jawless skull on black or purple sunburst)
11DeneirGod of writing. (Lit candle above an open eye)
12EldathGoddess of peace. (Waterfall plunging into a still pool)
13GondGod of craft. (Toothed cog with four spokes)
14GrumbarGod of earth. (Mountain)
15Gwaeron WindstromGod of tracking. (Paw print with a five-pointed star in its center)
16HelmGod of watchfulness. (Staring eye on upright left gauntlet)
17HoarGod of revenge and retribution. (A coin with a two-faced head)
18IlmaterGod of endurance. (Hands bound at the wrist with red cord)
19IstishiaGod of water. (Wave)
20JergalScribe of the dead. (A skull biting a scroll)
21KelemvorGod of the dead. (Upright skeletal arm holding balanced scales)
22KossuthGod of fire. (Flame)
23LathanderGod of dawn and renewal. (Road traveling into a sunrise)
24LeiraGoddess of illusion. (Point-down triangle containing a swirl of mist)
25LliiraGoddess of joy. (Triangle of three six-pointed stars)
26LoviatarGoddess of pain. (Nine-tailed barbed scourge)
27MalarGod of the hunt. (Clawed paw)
28MaskGod of thieves. (Black mask)
29MielikkiGoddess of forests. (Unicorn's head)
30MililGod of poetry and song. (Five-stringed harp made of leaves)
31MyrkulGod of death. (White human skull)
32MystraGoddess of magic. (Circle of seven stars, nine stars encircling a flowing red mist, or a single star)
33OghmaGod of knowledge. (Blank scroll)
34The Red KnightGoddess of strategy. (Red knight lanceboard piece with stars for eyes)
35SavrasGod of divination and fate. (Crystal ball containing many kinds of eyes)
36SeluneGoddess of the moon. (Pair of eyes surrounded by seven stars)
37SharGoddess of darkness and loss. (Black disk encircled with a purple border)
38SilvanusGod of wild nature. (Oak leaf)
39SuneGoddess of love and beauty. (Face of a beautiful red-haired woman)
40TalonaGoddess of poison and disease. (Three teardrops in a triangle)
41TalosGod of storms. (Three lightning bolts radiating from a point)
42TempusGod of war. (Upright flaming sword)
43TormGod of courage and self-sacrifice. (White right gauntlet)
44TymoraGoddess of good fortune. (Face-up coin)
45TyrGod of justice. (Balanced scales resting on a warhammer)
46UmberleeGoddess of the sea. (Wave curling left and right)
47ValkurNorthlander god of sailors. (A cloud and three lightning bolts)
48WaukeenGoddess of trade. (Upright coin with Waukeen's profile facing left)
49HarpersNetwork of spies who advocate equality and covertly oppose the abuse of power. (Silver harp)
50Order of the GauntletClerics and paladins sworn to destroy evil in the world. (Iron gauntlet holding a sword)
51Zhentarim (new)Mercenary company known as the black network. (Winged serpent)
52Emerald EnclaveDruids and others who believe in nature's preservation Horned stag over green.
53Lord's AllianceOrganization of leaders of the Sword Coast. (A crown over gold and orange)
54Cult of the Dragon (original)Cult aiming to transform dragons into dracolichs. (Eyes within flame above a bone dragon claw)
55Cult fo the Dragon (new)Cult aiming to return Tiamat to Faerun. (Five slashes across a dragon's profile)
56NetherilAncient human magocracy of great power. (Floating city)
57Abolethic SovereigntyAboleths who resided in Faerun for millions of years. (Black swirling glyphs within a circle)
58NeverwinterCity of corruption in the northern Sword Coast. (Eye with three droplets below)
59Waterdeeplargest city in Faerun on the Sword Coast. (Crescent moon over water on blue)
60Baldur's GateCorrupt city of southern Faerun. (Ship and castle on blue)
61SilverymoonJewel of the North and capital of Silver Marches. (Crescent moon and star on blue)
62GauntlgrymAncient dwarven city and capital of the Delzoun dwarves. (Stern dwarven face)
63Mithral HallNorthern dwarven city. (Tankard)
64DelzounAncient dwarves of the sword coast and the north. (Stern dwarven face)
65Myth DrannorAncient elven city of central Faerun.
66ShadowdaleSmall town in the center of the Dalelands and home to Elminster. (Moon over a white tower)
67MenzoberranzanCity of the drow and throne of the spider queen in Faerun. (Spider over a diamond)
68EvermeetIsland paradise of the elves.
69Many-arrowsEmpire of orcs in the north. (Five arrows pointed up)
70MoonshaesIslands with the Ffolk and an elf offshoot known as the Llewyr. (A silver bear on its hind legs)
71Mantol-DerithTrading post between the surface and the underdark.
72AmnA city of wealthy dynasties and trade. (Lady's profile over gold)
73ThayMagocracy of the Red Wizards. (Eight orbeting orbs over a bolting spark)
74CalimshanCity of former slaves under genie masters. (Diagnal stripes across a golden sphere)
75HalruaaReturned magocracy of skyships and earthmotes. (Three rings of silver on red)
76Zhentil KeepPowerful city of the Zhentarim (old). (Black dragon holding a golden sphere)
77Zhentarim (old)Army led by the Manshoon and Fzoul Chembryl. (Black dragon behind golden sphere)
78DarkholdFormer giant citadel of the Zhentarim (old). (Tower on a mountain)
79Iqua'Tel'QuessirThe creator races; reptilian, avian, and amphibian rulers of Faerun 10,000+ years ago.
80AryvandaarSun elf kingdom that fell during the Fifth Crown War.
81BeselmirDwarven realm in hills of the valley of the River Dessarin 6,000 years ago. (Wheel over a plow)
82Miyeritar Drow empire in northwestern Faerun, destroyed 13K years ago. (Dancing drow over full moon)
83IllefarnElven city-state that was founded during the First Flowering in -22,900 DR .
84AelinthaldaarCapital of Illefarn, ancient elven civilization in northwest Faerun where Waterdeep stands now.
85EaerlannElven kingdom in the valley of the Delimbiyr River. (Green tree with golden leaves)
86AbbathorGod of greed. (Jeweled dagger, point-down)
87Clangeddin SilverbeardGod of war. (Crossed silver battleaxes)
88Deep DuerraDuergar goddess of conquest and psionics. (Mind flayer skull)
89DumathoinGod of buried secrets. (Mountain silhouette with a central gemstone)
90MoradinGod of creation. (Hammer and anvil)
91Corellon LarethianGod of art and magic. (Crescent moon)
92Sehanine MoonbowGoddess of divination. (Full moon under a moonbow)
93GruumshGod of storms and war. (Unblinking eye)
94YondallaGoddess of fertility and protection. (Cornucopia on a shield)
95EilistraeeGoddess of song and moonlight. (Dancing drow female silhouetted against the full moon)
96LolthGoddess of spiders. (Spider)
97TiamatGoddess of dragons. (Five-headed dragon)
98UthgardtBarbarian tribes of the Sword Coast.
99ReghedBarbarian tribes of the north.
100AscalhornFormer citadel of the Eaerlann elves, now known as Hellgate Keep.

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