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Lazy DM Cheat Sheet Text

by Mike on 3 June 2013

Last week I posted a Lazy DM Cheat Sheet in PDF suitable for printing on two sides of a sheet of paper. Today I'm releasing the text of those lists on this page so you can print, modify, and use them however you want. This page also renders well on a smartphone or tablet and you can download the raw text. I am also releasing the full contents of these lists under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. You're free to share, remix, and make commercial use of these tables as long as you include a link to Sly Flourish and share your results under the same license. Enjoy!!


Agermus, Davica, Hudis, Raina Agustian, Devin, Inna, Anvam, Egar, Dolich, Itur, Alexine, Evenia, Islis, Sheencat Angar, Jeffrew, Pate Arglend, Fatus, Leodar, Tegeral Bithach, Grenn, Lugbat, Thelberne, Bonaid, Halocage, Maglo, Thoronda, Brattin, Hebert, Mochor, Tudon Britta, Helen, Wortis, Agenda, Hallin, Melyn, Ambert, Horne, Mendes, Saber, Austicoron, Hygrid, Missa, Saneen, Breannie, Gayle, Nairial, Sanni, Combine, Jengrid, Orcan, Selya, Eglain, Leisman, Pelreth, Severn, Doyle, Lemar, Peris, Tigit, Ewarka, Listhere, Tomorev, Foleen, Mablain, Redine, Tronnk, Grena, Malez, Ropire, Adech, Clestie, Heran, Sammyl, Aluset, Dariante, Kage, Shard, Aluvin, Deorhael, Kagi, Sland, Artina, Dresrin, Keanan, Artine, Edbert, Kunita, Thornelm, Artink, Elich, Mudarne, Tibba, Athen, Ogemtown, Cybill, Keven, Priva, Anbog, Lito, Pultaren, Angroc, Lear, Ronke, Besoth, Felana, Leat, Sengar, Bloodvine, Flama, Lexis, Snorg, Meter, Tigan, Duan Hanna, Mith, Edel, Herran, Noella, Elig, Hornt, Oneeye, Jozenn, Orgon, Vardo, Kerlyn, Elmic, Lean, Rawna

NPC Occupations

  1. Gold miner
  2. Blacksmith
  3. Innkeeper
  4. Traveling tradesman
  5. Estranged noble
  6. Poet
  7. Spy
  8. Priest
  9. Healer
  10. Prostitute
  11. Leatherworker
  12. Guardsman
  13. Moneylender
  14. Apothecary
  15. Stonemason
  16. Farmer
  17. Shoemaker
  18. Bounty Hunter
  19. Carpenter
  20. Servant

NPC Traits

  1. Bulbous nose
  2. Storm-swimming eyes
  3. Deep scar across mouth
  4. Fangs
  5. Faded tattooed scalp
  6. Missing both little fingers
  7. Swirling stone in one eye
  8. One arm made of iron
  9. Actual silver hair
  10. Jaw made of iron
  11. Always sketching
  12. Wild bird on shoulder
  13. Accosted by cats
  14. Asymmetric clothing
  15. Small skull necklace
  16. Chemically burned hand
  17. Branded with glyph
  18. Missing an ear
  19. Possessed by imp
  20. Reincarnated devil

Character Frameworks

  1. Belloq, from Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. Han Solo, from Star Wars
  3. Yu Shu Lien, from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  4. Dolores Claiborne, from Dolores Claiborne
  5. Tom Hagen, from The Godfather
  6. Sherif Ali, from Lawrence of Arabia
  7. Dick Hallorann, from The Shining
  8. Sgt. Dignam, from The Departed
  9. Sgt. Apone, from Aliens
  10. Little Bill Daggett, from Unforgiven
  11. Jean Lundegaard, from Fargo
  12. Chuckie Sullivan, from Good Will Hunting
  13. Robert Bobby Elvis Munson, from Sons of Anarchy
  14. Chief Tyrol, from Battlestar Galactica
  15. Calamity Jane, from Deadwood
  16. Mike Ehrmantraut, from Breaking Bad
  17. Rupert Giles, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  18. Titus Pullo, from Rome
  19. Lorne, from Angel
  20. Sir Francis Walsingham, from Elizabeth

Movie-inspired Quests

  1. Hunt down a powerful beast never seen in this area before (Jaws)
  2. Find an ancient buried artifact before an evil army does (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
  3. Find a lost treasure to negotiate a hostage rescue (Romancing the Stone)
  4. Hunt down constructs that believe they are human (Blade Runner)
  5. Protect a young girl who holds the fate of a kingdom in her mind (Firefly)
  6. Seek revenge upon the cult that wiped out a whole village (Conan the Barbarian)
  7. Drop behind enemy lines to destroy a bridge (Bridge over the River Kwai)
  8. Hunt down a rogue general now seen as a god by an army of goblinoids (Apocalypse Now)
  9. Seek revenge on rogue bandits who accosted a bar wench (Unforgiven)
  10. Find the last surviving brother of five in the middle of a war (Saving Private Ryan)
  11. Take revenge on the orc tribe that murdered a young girls father (True Grit)
  12. Protect a village from a band of monstrous brigands (Seven Samurai / Magnificent Seven)
  13. Save a village from two warring bandit tribes (Yojimbo)
  14. Find a lost treasure before two other parties find it (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)
  15. Imprison or slay a powerful demon trapped within a keep (The Keep)
  16. Destroy an ancient artifact containing the soul of a demon prince (The Prince of Darkness)
  17. Hunt down and destroy a shapeshifting monster released from an ancient buried vessel (The Thing)
  18. Kill the gang of assassins who left you for dead (Kill Bill)
  19. Kidnap or rescue an unborn heir (The Way of the Gun)
  20. Steal an artifact from the most powerful bank in the city (Heat)

Adventure Seeds

  1. Dwarven explorers uncover a mad wizards vault.
  2. Undead attack an old monastery protecting an evil artifact.
  3. An isolated village seeks heroes to defend it from monstrous attackers.
  4. Hobgoblin slavers allied with a demon-blooded dragon terrorize local farmsteads.
  5. A powerful noble family seeks vengeance for a slain criminal son.
  6. Orc raiders enslaved dwarves to dig into an ancient dark elf ruin.
  7. A fledgling apprentice releases a demon who begins building a fiendish army.
  8. A corrupt warlord harries a poor village with a hired band of rogues.
  9. A supernatural plague from a forgotten elven ruin turns local villagers into ghouls.
  10. A floating keep from an alternate world crashes into a nearby wild forest.
  11. A thieves guild threatens to release a hallucinogen into a citys water supply.
  12. Forbidden knowledge revealed in an old book brings powerful justicars who plan to wipe out everyone in the town.
  13. The corpse of an old god infested with devils appears embedded within a nearby mountain.
  14. The death of a hill giant lords son brings down the lords goblinoid army onto a nearby walled city.
  15. A king finds a hidden door within his keep that leads to a vast multi-leveled labyrinth.
  16. A kobald witch-doctor discovers a powerful artifact that sways inhuman armies to his service.
  17. A band of mercenaries starts a war between two feuding cities.
  18. An evil priest becomes filled with terrible power and unleashes charismatic cultists across the land.
  19. A fallen heros father frames local adventurers, while allying with wilderness tribes to increase terror.
  20. Recent foresting expansions upset a nearby swamp full of lizard-men and their black dragon god-king.

Dungeon Locations

  1. A network of natural caves beneath an ancient hollowed-out tree
  2. A long-forgotten cellar beneath an inn
  3. A forgotten dungeon beneath a castle
  4. A ruined temple to a dark forgotten god
  5. A field of ruin in the corpse of a massive dragon
  6. A mad wizards trapped dungeon
  7. A twisted maze in a haunted wood
  8. The ruins of a keep fallen in battle
  9. Festering sewers beneath the town
  10. A fortress carved from a stone mountain
  11. A haunted catacombs in a mound carved like a giant skull
  12. A forgotten crypt of a mad king
  13. A temple of an evil cult hidden in the chambers of a church
  14. A network of passages in a huge mansion
  15. Dark passages of swirling nightmare beyond a portal of black-mirrored glass
  16. The remains of a city buried under volcanic rock
  17. A hidden vault beneath a seaside lighthouse
  18. Hidden passages lost beneath an old library
  19. A wizards tower on a floating earthmote
  20. Natural caves behind a huge waterfall

Dungeon Rooms

  1. Privy
  2. Torture chamber
  3. Dungeon cells
  4. Laboratory
  5. Sacrificial altar
  6. Museum
  7. Sleeping chamber
  8. Library
  9. Summoning chamber
  10. Pool
  11. Kitchen
  12. Pantry
  13. Armory
  14. Throne room
  15. Crypt
  16. Scrying chamber
  17. Treasury
  18. Kennel
  19. Monstrous menagerie
  20. Chapel

Room Details

  1. Sinful tapestries
  2. Everburning candelabras
  3. Shifting artwork
  4. Intricately runed chests
  5. Forbidden tomes
  6. Blood-filled fountains
  7. Crying statues
  8. Floating orbs
  9. A moving starmap on ceiling
  10. A miniature moving map
  11. A dais and throne
  12. Rumbling counterweights
  13. Steam fissures
  14. Rushing waterway
  15. Butchers hooks
  16. Torture implements
  17. Unidentifiable corpses
  18. Sacrificial altar
  19. A burning dragons skull
  20. Whispering religious symbols

Dungeon Room Effects

  1. An unholy circle of power that steals life energy
  2. A skull glyph painted in blood that fills creatures with battle rage
  3. A summoning circle that spawns minions
  4. A mystical obelisk that radiates arcane power
  5. A flaming cauldron that spurts fireballs
  6. A gargoyle statue that spits poison darts
  7. A statue of a warrior with a swinging axe trap
  8. A dragon statue that breathes fire
  9. Murder holes firing arrows
  10. Invisible exploding runes on the floor
  11. A skull on a pike that whispers dark words
  12. A crystal that fires a beam of burning light
  13. A pit trap filled with poison sticks
  14. An area of anti-gravity
  15. A mirror of entrapment
  16. Portraits of screaming maidens that drive living creatures mad
  17. Delicate urns of poison gas
  18. Serpent statues that spit acid
  19. Steel rods that fire lightning
  20. A pillar of black tentacles

Environmental Effects

  1. Growing clouds of poisonous gas
  2. Whispers of the insane dead cause psychic damage
  3. Acid dripping from the ceiling burns creatures
  4. Thick fog makes it difficult to see at range
  5. Quaking ground threatens to knock people prone
  6. Hallucinogenic gas makes people attack allies
  7. Hot steam burns creatures more severely each round
  8. Lightning bolts damage or incapacitate creatures
  9. Portals vomit forth hordes of minions
  10. Ghosts of vengeance fill creatures with bloodlust
  11. Shifting time increases accuracy but decreases defenses
  12. An unholy presence limits healing
  13. Arcing electricity hurts those that are close to other creatures
  14. Arcane lodestones limit magic use
  15. Icy floors make people slide around Mario style
  16. Freezing mist damages and slows those within
  17. Crushing walls close in
  18. Clouds of bats interrupt casting
  19. A flood of foul water threatens to drown creatures
  20. Flammable oil threatens to ignite


  1. Dire Rats
  2. Kobolds
  3. Goblins
  4. Skeletons
  5. Orcs
  6. Zombies
  7. Bugbears
  8. Gnolls
  9. Stirges
  10. Dire Wolves
  11. Ghouls
  12. Spiders
  13. Oozes
  14. Bandits
  15. Lizardfolk
  16. Troglodytes
  17. Werewolves
  18. Gargoyles
  19. Vampire
  20. Dragon


  1. Poisoned dart
  2. Swinging blade
  3. Crossbow quarrels
  4. Spiked pit
  5. Poisoned gas
  6. Explosive pots
  7. Crushing Walls
  8. Acidic coating
  9. Exploding rune
  10. Electrical charge
  11. Fills with water
  12. Diseased
  13. Glyph of madness
  14. Blinding flash
  15. Deafening Blast
  16. Slippery / spiked floor
  17. Scorching beams
  18. Trapping mirror
  19. Demonic possession
  20. Enervation Ray


  1. Sack of gold
  2. Chest of silver
  3. Leather bag of gems
  4. Jeweled tiara
  5. Crown
  6. An ancient weapon
  7. Kings armor
  8. Old spellbook
  9. Treasure map
  10. Jeweled dagger
  11. Platinum mirror
  12. Jeweled egg
  13. Onyx demonic statue
  14. Jade animal
  15. Magical music box
  16. Jeweled ring
  17. Lost necklace
  18. Jeweled scepter
  19. Otherworldly statue
  20. Amazing artifact

Forbidden Artifacts

  1. Ancient book from before the time of mortals
  2. Sealed copper cylinder containing the last breath of a dead god
  3. Crown of the lich queen
  4. A jeweled demon skull that always speaks the dark truth
  5. The dagger that pierced the heart of a child heir to a fallen empire
  6. A ancient tablet describing the death of a current king
  7. A steel coffin containing the dust of an entombed vampire
  8. An urn containing the ashes of an adulterous queen and her dark priest lover
  9. An immortal child
  10. Scrolls of a dark spell that cannot be destroyed
  11. An ancient well leading to a dark world
  12. A twisted horn that awakens the eater of the world
  13. A sphere holding the souls of the dead
  14. A jeweled box of secrets, lies, and jealousy
  15. A priceless gem that brought murder to every previous owner
  16. An ethereal prison in the form of an adamantine monolith
  17. An ancient primordial burial ground
  18. An intricate mechanical box containing an unknown seed
  19. A treasure chest containing a still-beating heart
  20. The skull of a man dated a million years older than mortals

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