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Describe your GM Style

by Mike on 27 February 2023

Fengh, a Patreon of Sly Flourish asks:

"How do I describe my style of play to players I don't really know?"

This is a fantastic question.

Just as we should try to define the characteristics we look for in our ideal players (recognizing that our ideal players aren't necessarily everyone's ideal players), I think it makes sense that we, as GM, describe our style in a way that clarifies to potential players how we're different from other GMs.

When I describe my own GM style to new potential players, I clarify the following:

In many ways I try to think about my style of GMing and how it would turn players off. Instead of selling myself as a GM, I'm happy for them to recognize how I might not be a good fit before we start.

If I'm looking for a GM, I'd probably look at the following criteria:

Of course, nothing works better than running a one-shot or a short number of games with potential players and GMs to see if things gel.

Friend and Sly Flourish Patreon Rangdo offered up this Same Page Tool which discusses how players and the GM can work together to build the style of game they're all interested in. It's another good source to think about your style and how you might describe it to potential players.

How do you describe yourself as a GM?

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