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Gencon 2010 Schedule and DM Kit

by Mike on 31 July 2010

So I'm heading to Gencon next week for my favorite four days of gaming! I'll be seeing the other RPG bloggers, checking out WOTC's new stuff, talking to their designers and developers, and rolling a hell of a lot of dice.

For those who care, here's my current schedule. I tend to play things by ear, knowing that the best schedule works out until the minute you show up at the conference, so I don't know if I'll be hitting all of these events or not.

Anyway, here's my schedule thus far:

Wed Aug 4, 2010

4pm - 6pm US Airways Flight 3271 National to Indianapolis

8pm - 12am Drunken D&D with Dave and Philip - undisclosed location

Thu Aug 5, 2010

1pm - 2pm DM Tips - Westin Caucus

2pm - 4pm Monster Builder Workshop - Indiana Blrm G - Marriott

4pm - 6pm Design & Development Seminar - Indiana Ballroom G - Marriott

7pm - 8pm True Dungeon - True Grind - Marriott - upper floor.

8pm - 12am D&D Hooters (crashing) - Hooters

Fri Aug 6, 2010

9am - 11am Ravenloft - Sagamore Ballroom

11am - 12pm Wil Wheaton (crashing) - Weston Grand Ballroom 4

1pm - 5pm Mini 2-1 - Sagamore

6pm - 10pm Ennies - Weston Grand Ballroom 4

7pm - 11pm Spec 2-2 - Sagamore

Sat Aug 7, 2010

10am - 12pm D&D Preview - Marriott Indiana Ballroom G

10:30am - 1pm True Dungeon - Dragonward (blogger one) - Marriott Upper ballroom

1pm - 5pm Mini 2-2 - Sagamore

4pm - 6pm Gamma World - Marriott Indiana Ballroom G

7pm - 11pm Mini 2-2 - Sagamore

8pm - 10pm Media Meet and Greet - The Safehouse

Sun Aug 8, 2010

8am - 12pm Mini 2-3 - Sagamore

4pm - 6pm US Airways Flight 3088 - Indianapolis International Airport

I don't know if I'll end up DMing any games or not, but I put together a little DM Kit anyway. I wanted this to be as lightweight as possible, since I'm flying, so here's what I ended up with:

I'm not going to bother bringing any books at this point. With the large number of updates, the books aren't exactly up to date and most people I'll play with will know the rules anyway.

If you're heading to Gencon and want to say hi, keep an eye on my Twitter feed to see where I'm at.

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