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Monster Optimization: Mind Flayer + Umber Hulk

by Mike on 16 November 2009

Welcome to another edition of Monster Optimization. Like last time, in our look at Bodaks and Wights, we will find a particularly lethal combination of monsters to challenge the toughest party.

I want to stress again that the intent of these optimizations isn't to kill a party or constantly and continually push your PCs as hard as you can, but to act as a last resort; a challenge when nothing else seems to challenge them.

This combination came from Asmor on the Enworld Forums, creator of the most excellent 4e web scripts. While the Bodak / Wight combination worked well at high paragon, this combination works well at the lower paragon level - probably around level 13.

Mind flayers and Umber Hulks are the prime combination for this optimization. The Umber Hulk has an at-will close blast 5 Confusing Gaze that dazes opponents. The Mind Flayer is invisible to any dazed creature.This makes the Mind Flayer much harder to hit, with a -5 to any targeted attack and gives it combat advantage against the dazed target.

For some added lethality, add in some Drow Spiderguards to the encounter. The Spiderguards (in this case, Drow thralls of the flayer), are level 13 Skirmishers that include +2d6 damage on combat advantage.

It's important to remember that many status effects grant combat advantage and any creature that benefits from it pairs nicely with creatures that impose these effects.

So for today's Optimized Encounter we have the following Level 14 encounter:

2x Mind Flayer Lurker (1000) (2000)
3x Drow Spiderguard (700) (2100)
Umber Hulk (1400)

2x Mind Flayer Lurkers

3x Drow Spiderguards

Umber Hulk

Total EXP: 5500

Next time we'll dive back into the heroic tier for some lower level optimized encounters.


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