Random Name Generator

by Mike Shea on 2 June 2014

Coming up with good fantasy names is one of the harder tricks for the Lazy Dungeon Master. The following script generates a set of hundreds of random names from more than a thousand first names and a combination of words for the last names.

Many of these names will end up as nonsense. Read a few out loud to see how they sound before whipping them out at the table. You can also use the last name combinations as the names of taverns, thieve guilds, or mercenary bands.

Random Names - shuffle names

Using This Script

There are many ways to use this script. The easiest is to run it a few times, copying and pasting the results into a single page file you keep in your GM Walk Away Kit. You can also copy a few random names into any cheat sheet you build for whichever game system you choose. You can also keep this page handy and load it on your PC or mobile device whenever you need a good random name for your game.

This script is released under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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