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4e Game Session Checklist

by Mike on 8 October 2012

Note: This article updates the original dated 13 April 2009.

In Sly Flourish's Dungeon Master Tips I describe a checklist for preparing your 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons games. Today we're going to take a new look at this checklist in the hopes of simplifying our preparation and giving us the tools and materials we need to run our game. A good checklist, even for an advanced practitioner in any particular discipline, doesn't just help out — it can save lives.

We're going to split this list into two sections: stuff you should always have on hand and available and stuff you'll want to prepare each day. You might stick these materials in your campaign folio or your Twyla Tharp campaign box.

Let's begin with the stuff you may want on hand all the time.

Reusable materials

Keep the following items on hand and available for each of your games. Once they're in your campaign folio, you don't ever have to worry about keeping them around.

Specific adventure materials

Here's a list of items you will want to have on hand for each game you run.

And that's it! Going over this checklist each game will help you keep all the materials you need on hand and save you time each week while preparing your game.

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