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Lost Monuments of Chult

by Mike on 19 March 2018

This article is one in a series of artices I wrote for running the D&D hardcover adventure Tomb of Annihilation. You can find links to all of the articles below:

The eternal buzz of carniverous insects fills the humid air. Each step in the swamp threatens to tear the boot from your foot or expel a blast of poisonous gas. The eyes of beasts seem always upon you as you cut through the thick vines in your path.

As you pull through another canopy of skin-tearing vines you reveal a clearing and the ancient lost monument hidden within it.

Twenty Random Lost Monuments of Chult

Here is a list of twenty randomly generated monuments. Refresh this page for a new set or bookmark it to add some texture to the random encounters and hex crawl in Tomb of Annihilation. Use these random monuments as inspiration to build fantastic monuments in your own game. Choose and customize random monuments that make sense for the characters and the story of your shared adventure. Add your own effects or tie secrets and clues to the monument based on the description to add new spice to the scene.

Keep Your Own List On Hand

The random monuments above were generated from the following list. You can print this table and use it as a bookmark in your Tomb of Annihilation book, using it whenever you think a monument might add some fun exploration to the game.

d20 rollConditionEffectTypeOrigin
1CrumblingNecroticPillarof Ubtao
2SunkenFieryPoolof Dendar
3PristineMadeningShrineof Ras Nsi
4ExcavatedWateryTreeof Myrkul
5Ivy-coveredRadiantRuinof the Aarakokra
6RuinedArcaneCairnof the Batiri
7CrackedPoisonousStatueof the Grung
8ShatteredAcidicBarrowof the Taxabi
9BuriedDiseasedEffigyof the Pterafolk
10Gore-coveredPsychicAltarof the Yuan-ti
11BloodyFrostySkullof I'jin the almiraj
12GlyphedElectricalFountainof Kubazan the froghemoth
13RunedAntimagicalObeliskof Moa the jaculi
14ObsidianOozingShipof Nangnang the grung
15MetallicCharmingTowerof Obo'laka the zorbo
16OrnateFearfulTombof Papazotl the eblis
17DesecratedDominatingThroneof Shagambi the kamadan
18AncientSleep-inducingStone Circleof Unkh the flail snail
19DecoratedThunderousCarvingof Wongo the su-monster
20FloatingTrappedRockof Acererak

The Value of Random Inspiration

Random charts and tables on their own do not build interwoven and interconnected stories. We DMs, on our own, have a bad tendency to leap to stereotypes and cliches when we need sudden inspiration for a fantastic features. A mixture of random tables that fuel the inspiration of us dungeon masters have the potential to come up with wonderully colorful and well-connected monuments within the stories we share with our group.

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